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Is buying motorbike in Bali expensive?

Is buying motorbike in Bali expensive?
Is buying motorbike in Bali expensive?
Is buying motorbike in Bali expensive?

Buying a motorbike in Bali can be an exciting and practical choice for getting around the island. Let’s explore the options:

  1. Purchasing a Motorbike:
    • Foreigners can buy motorbikes in Bali, but there are legal requirements to follow.
    • Ensure you have a valid visa allowing an extended stay in Indonesia.
    • Prices for new motorbikes vary based on the make and model.
  2. Motorbike Prices in Bali:
    • Honda is a popular brand in Indonesia, and their bikes are widely available.
    • Here’s a glimpse of Honda motorbike prices (as of April 2024):
      • Honda Scooter Models:
        • Honda Vario 125: Ranges from IDR 22.55 million to IDR 24.45 million.
        • Honda Scoopy: Priced between IDR 21.98 million and IDR 22.78 million.
        • Honda Beat: Costs IDR 18.05 million to IDR 18.9 million.
      • Honda Sport Bikes:
        • Honda CBR150R: Priced from IDR 37.78 million to IDR 42.11 million.
        • Honda CBR250RR: Ranges from IDR 63.96 million to IDR 76.16 million.
      • Honda Off-Road Bikes:
        • Honda CRF150L: Priced at IDR 36.43 million.
        • Honda CRF250Rally: Costs IDR 92.93 million.
      • Honda Mopeds:
        • Honda Sonic 150R: Ranges from IDR 25.92 million.
        • Honda Supra GTR 150: Priced between IDR 25.18 million and IDR 25.43 million.
  3. Renting a Motorbike:
    • If you prefer flexibility, consider renting a motorbike.
    • Rental rates typically range from €3 to €6 per day depending on location and season. Monthly rates can be €50 to €95.
  4. Where to Buy:
    • Pasar Seni market in Kuta is a good place to explore both new and used bikes.
    • You can also find motorbikes for sale on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Remember to ride safely, wear a helmet, and adhere to local traffic rules. Enjoy your two-wheeled adventures in Bali! 🏍️🌴