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Best stays in Kintamani

Best stays in Kintamani
Best stays in Kintamani
Best stays in Kintamani

Certainly! Kintamani, with its scenic beauty and cooler temperatures, is an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and adventure. Whether you’re looking for lake views, mountain vistas, or a rural escape, here are some excellent places to stay in Kintamani:

  1. Villa Jempana Kintamani:
    • We personally stayed at Villa Jempana, and it’s our top pick! These stylish, contemporary villas are built in a Balinese style, offering comfort, space, and beautiful views of Lake Batur.
    • Other excellent choices include:
      • Mount Batur Villa: A private villa with stunning views.
      • Batur Cliff Panorama: Ideal for families.
      • Bali Sunrise Camp & Glamping: For a unique glamping experience.
  2. Lakeview Hotels and Bungalows:
    • Most travelers base themselves in the family-run bungalows and camping sites alongside Lake Batur. The villages of Penelokan and Pinggan are popular locations to watch local sunrises, and they also boast some of the best cafes and restaurants in Kintamani.
    • For an ultimate off-grid getaway, consider elevated, rural hotels in Kintamani.
  3. Mapa Lake View Bungalow:
    • Enjoy lake views from these cozy bungalows.
    • Lakeview Hotel and Restaurant: Offers comfortable stays with scenic vistas.
    • Quaint newly built house in a farming village: Perfect for an authentic experience.
    • Kintamani Adventure: Affordable accommodation for adventure seekers.
    • Ayu Kintamani Villa: A luxurious option with personalized service.
    • Batur Mountain View: Budget-friendly choice with mountain views.

Whether you’re gazing at Lake Batur, exploring Mount Batur, or simply unwinding in nature, Kintamani promises a memorable stay! 🌄🏞️