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Best seafood recommendation in Bali

Certainly! Bali is a paradise for seafood lovers, and you’ll find a plethora of delightful seafood restaurants across the island. Here are some top recommendations:

  1. Shrimpis (Seminyak):
    • This seafood-focused gem offers options like shrimp tacos, oysters, and al dente pasta dishes. Noted for fresh ingredients and a casual setting, it’s a great spot to indulge in seafood. Keep an eye out for their lobster specials.
  2. Bonito Fish Bar (Kerobokan Kelod):
    • Located in Seminyak, Bonito Fish Bar serves a seafood-centric menu with Italian influences. Try their lobster sandwich, grilled octopus, and explore their tasting menu. Fresh ingredients set the stage for a diverse dining experience.
  3. Kisik Seafood Bar and Grill (Jimbaran):
    • With ocean vistas, Kisik offers a menu of fresh seafood, including customizable jumbo prawns and a well-liked seafood soup. You can also choose from a variety of fish dishes while enjoying the serene coastal ambiance.
  4. Mama Chew 360 Rooftop Jimbaran Bali:
    • Specializing in seafood, Mama Chew is notable for its Singapore chili and black pepper crab dishes. Don’t miss their unique “Crab Hotel” experience and the rooftop terrace with stunning views. Their menu also includes stuffed and grilled squid.
  5. Tanah Liat Restaurant (Nusa Dua):
    • Tanah Liat offers a seafood-focused menu with a blend of Balinese and international flavors. Try their giant skewers and lobster tail in a date-night-ready atmosphere.
  6. Seasalt (Seminyak):
    • This beachfront establishment serves fresh seafood with a Japanese flair. Enjoy seafood platters, Wagyu short ribs, and soak in the view of the sunset.
  7. Fisherman’s Club (Denpasar):
    • Specializing in fresh seafood, Fisherman’s Club offers dishes like mud crab and grilled tuna in a beachside setting. Pair your meal with diverse cocktails and enjoy the poolside ambiance.
  8. Little Singapore By Chef Bernard (Kerobokan Kelod):
    • Tucked away in Umalas village, this spot is known for fresh crab dishes with flavors like chili and salted egg. They also offer unique offerings such as squid ink pasta and truffle mushroom pasta.
  9. Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant (Jimbaran):
    • Enjoy beachfront dining with an array of seafood, from prawns to lobster and red snapper. Their menu includes seafood packages, non-seafood dishes, and traditional Balinese dance performances.
  10. Starfish Bloo (Kerobokan):
    • Specializing in seafood, Starfish Bloo is known for fresh oysters, prawns, and a variety of other ocean fare. Their diverse menu includes Asian cuisine, and their brunch offerings provide a relaxed dining experience.

Whether you’re craving lobster, prawns, or a seafood feast, these restaurants promise a delightful culinary journey in Bali! 🦐🌴🍽️